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After having my girl Leona, we quickly noticed that it wasn't easy to find great quality baby products that are both trendy, and functional.

Leona is our first born and as new parents, we didn't know how to handle all her stuff. The organization and transport of the toys and nursery accessory was a nightmare. That's when we started to use normal boxes, to handle all her stuff. The problem was, that this plastic or carton boxes were not comfortable, and when Leona started playing with the boxes she gets hurt. That's when we had the desire to create a line of products for modern and clever parents with the best possible natural material - that's not only functional but also modern and trendy.

Our second thought was - Why not start a family business, so we can sustain our life and give a better organizing capability to others. The idea was to begin selling quality baby accessories, which we want to use. We wanted a product that was portable, light an usable for babies and reusable when they get older. With a little bit of thinking and researching, we find a perfect idea. Our diaper caddy organizer. That is when our small family started to invest in our Growty Diaper Caddy.

At Growty, we are committed to creating the highest quality product for our customers, ones that we would not hesitate to use for our own children. We strive to make our customer as happy as possible. Please let us know how we are doing, so we can continue to grow and create products that will truly bring joy and comfort to you and your little ones.

With Love,

Leona, Mirijam, and Matej
(the growty family)

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